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Welcome to Guilas' Hawaiian Kaju-Kickboxing: 4G Martial Arts

With 44 Years of Comprehensive training experience Professor Dennis Guila has a proven track record with successful results and programs to fit anyone at any level. We specialize in;

  • Youth Karate/Kickboxing, Anti-Bullying Self-Defense, Character Development
  • Teen Programs Life Skills, Physical Training, Thai-Kickboxing, Self-Defense
  • Women's Personal Safety and Self-Defense Programs, Improved Appearance
  • Men's Beginner, to Amateur, and Professional Athletic Programs, including World Class Competition

Whether your goals are in fitness, self-defense, Cardio Kickboxing, or weight control, Guila's Team G-Force Center is ready to fulfill your needs. We offer great programs and quality service. Our Highly trained instructors are ready to serve and assist in achieving your goals.

Quickly you will notice we are no average martial arts academy. Nowhere else will you find the commitment we provide to our students and parents, this is an elite academy that will provide High Standards of one of a kind training. Through the philosophies and history in which the ancient masters of martial arts have intended, we maintain the traditions in the development of Character Building and Life Learning Skills in an innovative Modern day world in top-rated programs including the original Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) known as KAJUKENBO, Muay Thai-Kickboxing, Judo, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Grappling, and Boxing. "Come see the difference for yourself."

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Contact Info

4389 Hillcrest Ave.
Antioch, California
94531 TEL. (925) 755-3434
Email: Guilakickboxing@gmail.com

  • From CA-4W, take Hillcrest Ave exit
  • Turn right onto Hillcrest Ave.
  • Turn Left onto Hillcrest Ave.
  • Turn left onto Wild Horse @ 7-Eleven